Redefining “Driving Under the Influence”

According to the World Health Organization 1.24 million people were killed on the world’s roads in 2010. In the United States the number is 32,885. That’s not a typo even though we wish it was. This is a big number, representing a truly staggering and profound loss of life. The number of people injured on the road is exponentially higher. Who amongst us doesn’t know someone who was killed or seriously injured in an automobile crash? At Citysteets we have always seen our role as not pointing out problems but coming up with solutions. (Continue reading...)

The Ultimate Killing Machine

The year was 1996, Giuliani was our mayor, and the headlines were telling New Yorkers that crime rates were going down. Yet the streets felt dangerous --not from muggers, or aggressive squeegee men-- rather dangerous from aggressive drivers. This insight led me to conceive the Stencil Project, where a full size human outline was painted at the site of a fatal pedestrian-vehicle collision with the pedestrian's name, date of their death and the words "killed by automobile". Some have made the case that this project introduced NYC to pedestrian activism and the modern idea of pedestrian safety. Today, we call it The Memorial Project and we're bringing it back in a modern context to areas where unfortunately this thinking is still relevant. (Continue reading...)


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  • Driver can not see kids standing in front of car.
    Driver can not see kids standing in front of car.
  • No accommodation for pedestrian during sidewalk construction
    No accommodation for pedestrian during sidewalk construction
  • Improperly placed and maintained signs sends the wrong message to drivers.
    Improperly placed and maintained signs sends the wrong message to drivers.